Every year, IndieFest commissions and invites artists of diverse creative expressions and lived experiences to collaborate on new works for our festival. Express is a platform that celebrates collaborative art-making and centres creative expression as a powerful tool for community building. 


As a way to reflect on the impact of 2020, IndieFest and Neworld Theatre have created time capsule projects to engage with audiences across Vancouver. Neworld invited participants to Remember November the way it happened for them by creating physical time capsules based on a series of daily prompts. IndieFest commissioned multiple artists to create digital capsule contributions that reflect on 2020 and how it has impacted their artistic practices. These works honour the challenges artists have faced this year and commemorates the artistic messages they hope to share with future generations. These works now live in a Virtual Reality Time Capsule and you are invited to come check them out in VR or 2D Mode on Dec. 21st for a time capsule tour in AltspaceVR or on Dec. 31st for a YouTube Watch Party.

Digital Time Capsule

INDIEFEST COMMISSIONED ARTISTS: Jessica McMann, Gabriel Dharmoo, Omari Newton, Waubgeshig Rice, River Blondin-Burt, Benton Roark & Luke Hathaway, Teiya Kasahara, Landon Krentz & Ebony Gooden, The Chan Brothers, Ne. Sans Opera + Dance (Idan Cohen & Ted Littlemore)

Dec. 21st @ 4pm PDT - Jan. 28th

Dec. 31st @ 11am PDT

The Apocrypha Chronicles is a new podcast that uses generative storytelling and audio-drama to simultaneously depict the present-day struggles of artists navigating the closure of performance spaces and cultural activities and the hopeful future that might emerge in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. Episodes will be released weekly starting January 19.

The Apocrypha Chronicles

INDIEFEST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Jessica Schacht, Paolo Pietropaolo, Debi Wong, Benton Roark, Stephanie Wong, Natasha Aziz, Melanie Yeats

Jan. 19 - Feb. 23, 2021

Do you miss creating? Creating misses you! 

Don’t worry, Lucky Penny’s got you covered.

The 48 Hour Opera Project is a speed-theatre event designed to take you out of your comfort zone and launch you into the creative heavens.

Gather a team, online or in your “bubble,” and take a leap into the creative void to write, direct, design, film, and edit an original opera - all in 48 hours.

WHY???  Because when there’s no time to think, magic happens!


We know you have questions.

For a full list of rules, FAQs, register as a participant or spectator by January 20, 2021

The 48 Hour Opera Project

Sarah Jane Pelzer | LUCKY PENNY OPERA

Jan. 22 @ 7pm - Jan. 24 @ 7pm

Past Programming

Remember November: A Time Capsule Project


Nov. 1 - 30, 2020 | At your home OR on social media

Thank you to Neword Theatre for running Remember November and causing all of us to reflect on 2020.

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