Indie Opera Hackathon
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re:Naissance Opera’s #IndieFest is a musical gathering that brings together artists and audiences from all walks of life to expand artistic practices, experience new works of art, and express creative voices. And this year’s #IndieFest brings Vancouver’s first Indie Opera Hackathon. Through the fast paced sprint of a hackathon, re:Naissance Opera is gathering creatives and experts from the Opera, Theatre, Digital Media, and Technology sectors to build capacity and network through collaborative creation. A traditional hackathon could result in the development of web apps, mobile apps, hardware or software that address challenges in the tech sector. Opera has embraced technology since its birth, using innovation to evolve the artform through time. In this Indie Opera Hackathon, the collaboration of the performing arts and tech worlds will focus on finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced in live performance and proposals for new ways of producing and creating operatic performances. This four day event will see 20 participants work together in teams to conceptualize and create a product or solution that responds to an industry challenge that interests them. Through this period, they will receive mentorship from experts from both the opera and tech sectors. 

Each participant will receive a $1000 honorarium for their time. At the end of the 4 day sprint, a pitch session of the solutions and products in process will be presented to fellow participants and representatives from the opera sector. 

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Juliana Loh

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Neelesh Nair

Michael Mori

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Aria Umezawa

Debi Wong