A place where audiences can come to experience new performance works in different stages of development; where artists come to share the stories of their lived experiences and inspiration as expressed through their artistic practice and performance. 


Sanctuary & Storm: A world reborn

Tawnie Olsen & Roberta Barker | RE:NAISSANCE OPERA

Saturday, Nov. 21 @ 4:00pm - 5:00 PDT | YouTube

Sanctuary & Storm is a new opera in development by Tawnie Olson (composer) and Roberta Barker (librettist), that depicts a fictional debate between the two most powerful women in Medieval Europe: Hildegard of Bingen, the Sibyl of the Rhein and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine, Queen of the Normans. The two women have had very different life experiences and yet they find themselves in a similar position: they have risen to great power and yet they are still not respected in the same way as their male equivalents in their society. Their very different life experiences cause them to fall into a heated argument about how to move beyond the oppression they face and to lose sight of their common goal: a world reborn. Join stage Director, Aria Umezawa and our creative team, Tawnie Olson, Roberta Barker & Arianne Abela (music director) for an in-depth look at the music and story from Sanctuary & Storm and how the piece is evolving in its final stage of development.

A first of its kind in Canada,​ ​OrpheusVR​ is an operatic virtual reality experience that immerses users in the mythological world of the lovers, Orpheus and Eurydice. With branching narratives, dynamic music, and operatic scores that respond to the user’s choices, the future of the two characters is determined by the user in this choose-your-own-adventure style opera.


In this presentation, artists from the opera and digital arts sectors will discuss their creative process in OrpheusVR, demonstrate how they have translated opera into an interactive and virtual experience, and share excerpts from the upcoming prototype.

Part of OperaCon presented by Musique 3 Femmes, Opera 5 & Opera McGill

OrpheusVR: Opera in Virtual Worlds

Mireille Asselin, Debi Wong, Conrad Sly, Brian Topp | RE:NAISSANCE OPERA

Saturday, Nov. 28, 11:15pm - 12:00pm PDT | Facebook Live / Youtube

Throughout the month of November, we collaborated with Neworld Theatre to create physical and digital time capsules with audiences across Vancouver. As part of our time capsule project, IndieFest commissioned multiple artists to create capsule contributions that reflect on 2020 and how it has impacted their artistic practices. These works honour the challenges artists have faced this year and commemorates the artistic messages they hope to share with future generations. Join us on December 31st as we share these new works of art, close our collective time capsule and the year.

Closing the Time Capsules

Jessica McMann, Gabriel Dharmoo, River Blondin-Burt, Waubgeshig Rice, Benton Roark & Luke Hathaway, Ne. Sans Opera + Dance (Idan Cohen & Ted Littlemore), Landon Krentz & Ebony Gooden, Omari Newton, Teiya Kasahara, The Chan Brothers

December 31, @ 11am PDT | YouTube

48-Hour Opera Project Viewing Party


Thursday, Jan. 28, 7:00pm - 8:30pm | Zoom 

Join Lucky Penny Opera and the participants of the 48-hour Opera Project for an online viewing party of all the new opera works created in only 2 days.


The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk is a full-length documentary film about the two-year collaboration between Astrolabe Musik Theatre, Turning Point Ensemble, and artists and community members from Westbank First Nation in co-creating The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk, a historic opera by BC composer Barbara Pentland interwoven with syilx/Okanagan music, culture, language and dance, performed live at Quails’ Gate Estate Winery in West Kelowna in 2014.

Join Westbank First Nation artist, elder, teacher and knowledge-keeper Delphine Derickson; Astrolabe Musik Theatre Founding Artistic Director / General Manager and soprano Heather Pawsey; and award-winning film-maker John Bolton of Opus 59 Films as they discuss their work together, and be the first to see a sneak-peek preview of the upcoming film!

The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk: An Opera Documentary


Friday, Feb. 19, 2021 @ 4:30pm PDT | Zoom

Through dramatic dance, captivating narrative, intricately carved masks and elaborate regalia the Dancers of Damelahamid transform time and space, and bridge the ancient with a living tradition.

The Dancers Of Damelahamid

February 2021 - Full announcement coming soon!