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Updated: June, 2021



Hello Friends - this is Debi Wong, Founding Artistic Director of re:Naissance Opera. I included a preamble in our last job posting and we were overwhelmed and honoured by the response from our applicants. In that post, I noted that as a female-identifying person of colour, I have skimmed job applications at companies I would have loved to work for but have edited myself out because I didn’t feel like I fit the job description well enough.

Today we are posting a position funded by Canada Summer Jobs program which means our search is a little different. There are a few eligibility requirements but if you fit those requirements, we want you to feel confident applying to work with us even if you feel like you might not fit the job posting perfectly.

We continue to take a humans-first approach to everything we do and if it feels like the right fit then we will find the best ways to collaborate even if that means changing our job description.

Lastly, at re:Naissance we are thinking a lot about leadership and how to support and foster the next generation of arts leaders in all areas of artistic production, creation and administration. If this excites you, we invite you to share with us your longer term goals and if you join our team, we promise to help you move towards those goals.

We know how much time it takes to prepare applications and on behalf of the leadership team at re:Naissance, thank you for taking that time.


Debi, Katherine & Stephanie



Angel's Bone

Audition Dates: Vancouver on September 19, 2021 from 11am - 3pm, Toronto on September 22 and November 23  from 1pm - 4pm

Our new production of this Pulitzer-winning opera follows the story of two youth who, seeking safety and shelter, are lured into an exploitative situation by their traffickers, Mr & Mrs. XE.  While the story paints a picture of the reality of the trafficking of youth in our communities, it also depicts the resilience of survivors and the journey of reclaiming one’s power. 

Helping us shape this production is our team of social workers, survivors, human rights advocates, sex workers, lawyers and opera producers. Together, our goal is to explore how opera can be a tool for disrupting systemic issues and instigating societal change. 

We are seeking dynamic singers that are as passionate about social justice as they are about opera. 

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Indie Opera Hackathon

Application Deadline: August 31, 2021, 5:00 pm PST

Dates: November 4-7, 2021

Time: Flexible as per team needs, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm PST

Must be over 18 years of age and a Canadian or American resident/citizen

re:Naissance Opera’s IndieFest is a musical gathering that brings together artists and audiences from all walks of life to expand artistic practices, experience new works of art, and express creative voices. 


And this year’s IndieFest brings Vancouver’s first Opera Hackathon. Through the fast paced sprint of a hackathon, re:Naissance Opera is gathering creatives and experts from the Opera, Theatre, Digital Media, and Technology sector to build capacity and network through collaborative creation. A traditional hackathon could result in the development of web apps, mobile apps, hardware or software that address challenges in the tech sector. Opera has embraced technology since its birth, using innovation to evolve the artform through time. In this Opera Hackathon, the collaboration of the theatre and tech world will focus on finding innovative technological solutions to the challenges faced in live performance.


This four day event will see teams of 4-5 participants work together to conceptualize and create a product that responds to an industry challenge that interests them. Through this period, they will receive mentorship from experts from both the opera and tech sector. Each participant will receive a $1000 honorarium for their time. At the end of the 4 day sprint, a final presentation of the product in process will be presented to a panel and fellow participants for feedback.

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